Dragon Section

The eighth and last section of the Tiger-Crane set. Here’s an excellent video (includes Drunken section, too), shown from behind so you can follow, with names.


And the names of the moves are:

Pull sweep push sweep
Fist like an arrow
Pull sweep push sweep
Monkey steals the peaches
Dragon thrusts its claws
Sweep the sea and push the mountain
Dragon stretches its claws
Hook a star with the fist
Tiger pushes the mountain
Flying arrow fist
Dragon lands on the sand
A pair of butterflies
Turning stance to swiftly strike
Unicorn stepping
Butterfly palms
Continuous butterfly palms
Crescent moon hand and foot
Crouching tiger hidden dragon
Fierce tiger claws the sand
Draw bow to shoot arrow
Single dragon leaps from sea

Followed by the Five Animal Salute. End of form!

Drunken Fist

We’re up to the next-to-last section of the Tiger-Crane Set. It’s short, and Master Gohring’s videos combine it with the Dragon Section that comes after it. Here’s a good video of both sections, with names; the Drunken part is less than a minute.


The names of the moves are as follows:

  • Eight drunken gods
  • Old man exits cave
  • One finger asks the question
  • First star punching method
  • Second star punching method
  • Two fists punching downward
  • Immediately punching upward
  • Fist like an arrow

Crane Section

This is the sixth of eight sections in the Tiger-Crane 108. Video:


Names are:

Hard and soft crane walking
Descending arm hand and waist
One finger asks the question
Crane wing punching
Fist through the sleeve

[Repeat on the other side:]
Hard and soft crane walking
Descending arm hand and waist
One finger asks the question
Crane wing punching
Fist through the sleeve

Crane pecking
Reviving crane

Flying crane
Hungry crane stands on one leg
Hungry crane captures shrimp

[repeat on the other side:]
Flying crane
Hungry crane stands on one leg
Hungry crane captures shrimp

Crane head punching
Crane head punching

Dragon swings its tail
Monk summons corpse
Tame the tiger shoot the tiger

Tiger Section

The Tiger section of the Tiger-Crane 108 is all footwork, and travels to four corners like the Yang Fair Lady Works Shuttles. Here’s the video, with names:

Snake section leads into Butterfly Scatters and Black Tiger Claw Method. Then Tiger Exits Cave points to the right front corner. Tiger Captures Sheep points to the right rear corner. Repeat.

Then Tiger Combats Wolf points to the left rear corner. Tiger Exits Cave (same move as before but mirror image) points to the left front corner. Repeat Tiger Combats Wolf.

Tiger Ascends and Descends Mountain are left and right symmetrical moves, as are the two Return Horse to the Stable. Here’s the full list of names:

  • Butterfly Scatters
  • Black Tiger Claw Method
  • Tiger Exits the Cave
  • Tiger Captures Sheep
  • Tiger Exits the Cave
  • Tiger Captures  Sheep
  • Tiger Combats Wolf
  • Tiger Exits the Cave
  • Tiger Combats Wolf
  • Tiger Ascends the Mountain
  • Fierce Tiger Descends the Mountain
  • Return Horse to the Stable
  • Return Horse to the Stable

Snake Section

The Snake Section is the fourth part of the Hung Gar Tiger Crane set. Videos:


And the names are:

  • Wipe the Sleeve
  • Snake Spits Poison
  • Rising Falling Block
  • Lift and Press
  • Snake Points to Heaven
  • Double Falling Back Fist
  • Fist Going Through the Sky
  • Continually Piercing the Sky
  • Staggered Horse Stance, Fist Like an Arrow

Repeat other side. Then:

  • Snake Pierces the Eye
  • Cat Stance Chopping Down
  • Turn Around and Slice bamboo
  • Snake Strikes from the earth

We are going to stop here for a while and return to Laojia Yilu, but there are two more sections remaining to this form. We’ll learn them before the end of the year.

Leopard Section

Continuing with the Hung Gar Tiger Crane Set. After Poison Hands and Iron Body is the Leopard Section. I have three videos to work with:

Leopard section: Suppress the Tiger

Leopard section: Suppress the Tiger

The names of the movements are as follows:

  • White Horse Offers Front Leg
  • Suppress the Tiger
  • Pearl Bridge
  • Press Ten Thousand Pounds
  • Dragon Leaps from Sea
  • Leopard Palms a Tree Trunk
  • Leopard Breaks its Prey
  • Leopard Breaks its Prey
  • Leopard Smothers its Prey
  • Arhat Exits the Cave
  • Crosscutting Bamboo
  • Divide the Grass in Search of Snakes
  • Throw a Ball Through a Wave

REPEAT ALL on the other side. Then:

  • Kicking Star Method
  • Double Bow Hugging the Moon
  • Children Bow to Buddha
  • Leopard Pulls Back
  • Cornered Leopard Fights Back

Finally, for review, here is a demonstration by Head Instructor Hunter of the first three sections, at a walk-through pace. We haven’t yet learned the Five Animal Salute that you see at the beginning and end.

Iron Body

Returning to the Hung Gar Tiger Crane set. A while back I posted links and names for the first section, Poison Hands. Iron Body is the second section.

Buzzard folds his wings

Iron body- Vulture folds his wings

I’ve got three good videos to work from:

The names of the movements are:

Sweep in front, sweep behind
Raise the sun and moon
Vulture folds its wings
Double bow spears the flower
Duck traverses water
Press ten thousand pounds
Double dragons leap from sea
Establish an iron bridge
Soft bridge left
Soft bridge right
hero holds a pot
Scoop the moon from the bottom of the sea
Crane flashes wings
Crane folds wings
Twin daggers cut the bridge
Tiger defends left
Tiger defends right
Tiger defends behind
Tiger cleans its whiskers

As a bonus, I’ve found the Chinese names for the first four names in the Poison Hands section–not in characters or standard Pinyin, just phonetic. Still looking for a proper list.

Fu hu qian long — qian is hide
Mei ren zhao jing — zhao is to regard one’s image, jing is mirror
Xie feng bai liu — liu is willow
Xiu li cang hua — xiu is sleeve, or tuck into sleeve; cang is hide

Poison Hands

We are learning the Kung Fu Tiger Crane 108 as our secondary project in class (Laojia Yilu is our primary focus). The first section of the 108 is Poison Hands, a study of just the blocking movements with the hands.


The names (translations) we use are as follows. So far, I’ve had no luck finding Chinese names.

  • Suppress the Tiger Hide the Dragon
  • Beauty Looks in the Mirror
  • Crosswind Bends the Willow
  • Push the Flower Up the Sleeve
  • One Finger Divides China
  • Press Ten Thousand Pounds
  • Dragon Leaps from the Sea
  • Dragon Plays in the Water
  • Four Fingers Face the Sky
  • Dragon Serves the Pearl
  • Dragon Spits the Pearl

Repeat on the other side, except after Dragon Serves the Pearl comes Wind Punching Method. Video resources: