Snake Section

The Snake Section is the fourth part of the Hung Gar Tiger Crane set. Videos:


And the names are:

  • Wipe the Sleeve
  • Snake Spits Poison
  • Rising Falling Block
  • Lift and Press
  • Snake Points to Heaven
  • Double Falling Back Fist
  • Fist Going Through the Sky
  • Continually Piercing the Sky
  • Staggered Horse Stance, Fist Like an Arrow

Repeat other side. Then:

  • Snake Pierces the Eye
  • Cat Stance Chopping Down
  • Turn Around and Slice bamboo
  • Snake Strikes from the earth

We are going to stop here for a while and return to Laojia Yilu, but there are two more sections remaining to this form. We’ll learn them before the end of the year.

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