Iron Body

Returning to the Hung Gar Tiger Crane set. A while back I posted links and names for the first section, Poison Hands. Iron Body is the second section.

Buzzard folds his wings

Iron body- Vulture folds his wings

I’ve got three good videos to work from:

The names of the movements are:

Sweep in front, sweep behind
Raise the sun and moon
Vulture folds its wings
Double bow spears the flower
Duck traverses water
Press ten thousand pounds
Double dragons leap from sea
Establish an iron bridge
Soft bridge left
Soft bridge right
hero holds a pot
Scoop the moon from the bottom of the sea
Crane flashes wings
Crane folds wings
Twin daggers cut the bridge
Tiger defends left
Tiger defends right
Tiger defends behind
Tiger cleans its whiskers

As a bonus, I’ve found the Chinese names for the first four names in the Poison Hands section–not in characters or standard Pinyin, just phonetic. Still looking for a proper list.

Fu hu qian long — qian is hide
Mei ren zhao jing — zhao is to regard one’s image, jing is mirror
Xie feng bai liu — liu is willow
Xiu li cang hua — xiu is sleeve, or tuck into sleeve; cang is hide

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