Dragon Section

The eighth and last section of the Tiger-Crane set. Here’s an excellent video (includes Drunken section, too), shown from behind so you can follow, with names.


And the names of the moves are:

Pull sweep push sweep
Fist like an arrow
Pull sweep push sweep
Monkey steals the peaches
Dragon thrusts its claws
Sweep the sea and push the mountain
Dragon stretches its claws
Hook a star with the fist
Tiger pushes the mountain
Flying arrow fist
Dragon lands on the sand
A pair of butterflies
Turning stance to swiftly strike
Unicorn stepping
Butterfly palms
Continuous butterfly palms
Crescent moon hand and foot
Crouching tiger hidden dragon
Fierce tiger claws the sand
Draw bow to shoot arrow
Single dragon leaps from sea

Followed by the Five Animal Salute. End of form!

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