Poison Hands

We are learning the Kung Fu Tiger Crane 108 as our secondary project in class (Laojia Yilu is our primary focus). The first section of the 108 is Poison Hands, a study of just the blocking movements with the hands.


The names (translations) we use are as follows. So far, I’ve had no luck finding Chinese names.

  • Suppress the Tiger Hide the Dragon
  • Beauty Looks in the Mirror
  • Crosswind Bends the Willow
  • Push the Flower Up the Sleeve
  • One Finger Divides China
  • Press Ten Thousand Pounds
  • Dragon Leaps from the Sea
  • Dragon Plays in the Water
  • Four Fingers Face the Sky
  • Dragon Serves the Pearl
  • Dragon Spits the Pearl

Repeat on the other side, except after Dragon Serves the Pearl comes Wind Punching Method. Video resources:

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