Test Requirements

This notebook is my study guide for the second degree black sash test under Master Gohring in 2014. Requirements may vary somewhat from year to year. Also, please note that I have no role in setting test requirements (hardly!) and no written assurance of what will or will not be on the test. What follows is just my best understanding of what I need to prepare for.

For second degree we will be retested on the material for first degree. My account of first degree requirements is based on my own first degree test in 2012; so far, I don’t know of any changes in those requirements.

This post is incomplete and will be updated as the test date (in November 2014) approaches. The material for first degree can be found on Pommelhouse for the time being; it will eventually be updated and moved to this site.

Master Gohring awards my black sash in December 2012.

Master Gohring awarding my black sash in December 2012.

First Degree Requirements

Three forms:

  1. The Traditional Yang-Style Long Form (The Yang 108)
  2. Flute Form
  3. Yang Saber

Martial arts applications from the Yang-Style form

Nei Kung

Miscellaneous study topics:

  • Eight Energies (and push hands applications)
  • Ten Important Points
  • Some history of Tai Chi

Extra credit: Fast Form.

Second Degree Requirements

Four Forms:

  1. Chen 38
  2. Chen Sword
  3. Chen Saber
  4. Ba Fa

Martial arts applications from the Chen 38

And all first degree requirements above.

A New Tai Chi Notebook

I’m considering testing for my second degree black sash this year — if not this year, next year — and my trusty Tai Chi Notebook on Pommelhouse is hard-coded. So I’m moving it to WordPress and updating everything.

For the second degree black sash, I’ll need to know the Chen 38 and its applications, Ba Fa, Chen sword, and Chen saber. I’ll also have to pass the first degree test again, which shouldn’t be a problem; I’ve stayed with it.

I study at Master Gohring’s Black Sash Academy, and that’s where I’ll be testing, but I also practice with a group of Chinese friends in my neighborhood. The Tai Chi they do is quite different, and although it keeps me spread somewhat thin to study with them, too, I love working with them.

I feel the need for a hardcopy notebook, so I’ll be adding printable versions of some of the material on this site.