Taijiese is what I call my lexicon for Tai Chi. It encompasses many terms of art, words and phrases used during instruction, as well as the names of the forms and movements of Tai Chi. It is Chinese for the Western student of Tai Chi.

More about Taijiese

This page is not yet complete! Adding more links soon.

Words for:

  1. Numbers and Counting
  2. Names of the Moving Forms
  3. Body Parts
  4. Steps and Stances
  5. Kicks and Punches
  6. Swordplay
  7. Instructions
  8. Animals and Heroes
  9. When and Where
  10. Pleasantries

100 Useful Words/Phrases for Tai Chi (ten best words from each category)

2 thoughts on “Taijiese

  1. Hello from Germany,

    Thank you, this is great and useful for me! It´s accidentally I find this, but just today I was wondering, where to find “Tai Ji Chinese” important and useful expressions.
    Thanks a lot, I will keep checking this out.


  2. Um, thanks. I have friends who would love to see this, so I’ll send them a link. Question, tho: I know there is a consortium of copy editors who would rather save ink, but fuddy-duddies like me still believe that the correct Romanization of the system name, using the standard Wade-Giles method, is best rendered T’ai Chi Ch’uan, not Tai Chi Chuan. FWIW, those same copy editors insist on using Wade-Giles to wrongly Romanize the energetic concept Romanized in the more modern pinyin as qi (氣)as chi instead of the more correct ch’i. This has led more than one TCC expert to assert that this system is “Great Ultimate Chi (氣) Boxing,” ’cause it’s “right there in the name.” Happily Pinyin tai ji quan and qi help dispel that notion.
    Any how, thanks for the compilation, I’ll distribute it to both of my friends who seem to care.

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