Moving Forms

These will become links as I add material. Many have pages on Pommelhouse already. While I don’t know all these forms yet, I do know most of them (15, I think!) and intend to learn them all.

Traditional Yang-style

Long Form – the Yang 108 See also: Chuantong 85
Short Form – 37-step
Yang Saber
Yang Sword

Chen-style Tai Chi

Chen 38
Ba Fa
Chen Saber
Chen Sword   List (PDF)
Chen Double Saber
Laojia Yilu
Laojia Erlu
Xinjia Yilu
Xinjia Erlu

Modern Chinese Standardized

56-sword [This link is a tag that calls all posts on the form]
52-fan – aka Kung Fu Fan I
56-fan – aka Kung Fu Fan II
Wudang Tai Chi Sword (49-step)

Other Forms

Yi Jian Mei
Wudang Sword
Huawu Fan   List (PDF)
Ba Duan Jin – Eight Pieces of Brocade


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