Moving Forms

This online notebook is not an instruction manual, and I don’t offer it as any kind of authoritative source. I am not an instructor, let alone a master. I use this site as a tool in support of my own practice and study. For the forms below, which comprise my repertoire, I collect the video links that I find useful in honing and refreshing the forms. I also use the notebook for ready access to the lists I have compiled of the names of the movements in each form.

Chen-style Tai Chi

Laojia Yilu
Laojia Erlu
Chen Saber
Chen Sword   List (PDF)
Chen Double Saber

Traditional Yang-style

Yang-style Long Form [aka Chuantong 85, Yang 103, 105, 108]

Sun-Style Tai Chi

Traditional Sun-Style Long Form (Sun 98)
Sun-Style Competition Form (Sun 73)

Basic Modern Forms

8 and 16 forms

Modern Combined Forms

32-step Taijiquan
42-step Competition Form
42-sword Competition Routine
52-fan  [aka Kung Fu Fan, Fan I]
56-fan  [aka Xi Yang Mei, Fan II]
Wudang Tai Chi Sword (49-step)

New and Interesting

Yi Jian Mei
Huawu Fan
36-step Taiji Dao [combined saber form]
Horsetail Whisk [aka Fuchen]

Qigong and Warm-up

Silk Reeling
Ba Fa Wu Bu [eight powers and five steps]
Ba Duan Jin – Eight Pieces of Brocade

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