About the Notebook

I’ve been studying Tai Chi for a little more than five years. For most of that time I maintained a Tai Chi Notebook on my Pommelhouse website. I did this not because I am any kind of authority–I’m not!–but because it helps me. I’m a writer–I learn best by writing. Also, it helps to have video links and lists of names within easy reach.

The Pommelhouse site, active since late 2003, is hard-coded, and thus somewhat laborious to maintain (not to mention out-dated looking), so I’ve recreated the Tai Chi section here using WordPress. I’ve been adding and updating since July, 2014.

My second degree black sash cohort.

With my second degree black sash cohort.

I study at Master Gohring’s Black Sash Academy, where I have just moved up to the rank of second degree black sash, but I also practice with a group of Chinese friends in my neighborhood. At Master Gohring’s school we do traditional Yang and Chen style Tai Chi. My neighborhood group does contemporary standardized Tai Chi, which is quite different. I like both and work hard at learning all of it, so I’m including both in this new notebook.

With my neighborhood Tai Chi fan club

With my neighborhood Tai Chi fan club

My Chinese friends don’t speak English. They are mostly my age, with grown children who have moved to this country. I’ve picked up a little conversational Chinese, but I’ve learned a fair amount of what I call Tai Chiese–Chinese names and directions for Tai Chi movements and forms. A number of pages in this notebook are devoted to the study of these terms.

I’m not an instructor. The material in this notebook is not reviewed or approved by anyone. These are my personal notes, which anyone is welcome to use, but which exist mainly for my own convenience. I am happy to hear about any mistakes or need for corrections!

Like I said–I’m a writer. Visit my website, elizabethbuhmann.com, or better yet, read my book! An old murder comes unsolved when the man convicted of it is exonerated:



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