Laojia Erlu – Review

Laojia Erlu, also known as Pao Chui, is one of two Chen forms that I learned in class at Master Gohring’s Tai Chi and Kung Fu this year. My class will be performing it with now-Grandmaster Gohring in a few weeks, so I am pulling together all my posts on this form. Time to review!

The videos:

That last video, which is an hour long, is excellent, and it’s surprising how much you can understand the Chinese part if you know the Chinese names (see below) and how to count to about 8 in Chinese: yi, er (pronounced like are), san, si (suh), wo, liu (leo), qi (chee), ba.

BUT! Everything is also in English! The intro is long (history of Chen, credentials of Chen ZiQiang); instruction starts about 18 minutes in. BUT! I should also say that the form is slightly different from what we’re doing (which is what Chen Bing is doing).

List of names:

My posts working through the whole form with grabs from the Chen Bing video:

  1. First fast section
  2. Cloud Hands
  3. Firecrackers!
  4. The Yellow Dragon
  5. Sweeps
  6. Quan Pao Chui
  7. Last moves

All my posts on Pao Chui: Tag Laojia Erlu


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