Quan Pao Chui

The leg sweeps in the third section of Laojia Erlu occur at 2:40-2:45 of the Chen Bing video. The strike with concealed fist (Yan Shou Gong Quan) is followed by Quan Pau Chui, translated as “The Whole Cannon Fist” on the Chicagojaiji.com list of names I’m using.


The Yan Shou Gong Quan after the sweeps faces to our left in the video. He resets (right left) in the same position (maybe advancing a little bit) and does Quan Pao Chui to the left. It’s a double hammer-fisted blow to the left, both fists palm-up. Master Gohring describes the Quan Pao Chui as picking up a bucket of water and throwing it to the left. That works for me!

Master Bing then resets (left right) facing away and does Quan Pao Chui to the right, which what he is doing in the screen grab above at about 2:47. Reset (right left) facing to screen left and repeat Yan Shou Gong Quan. This is the end of the third section of the form. We’re at 2:50.

The fourth section has ten moves, including the final Jin Gang Dao Dui and Shou Shi. That last Buddha stamp is at 3:07 (the video ends at 3:20), so between 2:50 and 3:07 — 17 seconds — we’ll do eight moves we haven’t learned yet. They are:

  • Duo Er Gong – Double Forearm punches
  • Zuo Er Gong You Er Gong – Left and right forearm punches
  • Hui Tou Dang Men Pao – Turning around forearm punches
  • Wo Di Da Zhuo Pao – Punches under the armpits
  • Yao Lan Zhou – Dragging the waist and hitting with the elbow
  • Shun Lan Zhou – Hitting with the elbow
  • Wo Di Pao – Side lower punch
  • Hui Tou Jing Lan Ji Ru – Turning around elbows

That fourth section up to the last Buddha stamp is all fajin. It’s like a fireworks show, where you get to the end and they set off a long volley for a climax.

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