Pao Chui (con’t)

After the wrap crackers (Guo Bian Pao, on the Chicago list), we do the “beast head pose” (Shou tou shi). The freeze frame below occurs at 2:14 in the Bing video that I am using.

Beast Head Pose (Shou Tou Shi)

Beast Head Pose (Shou Tou Shi) at 2:14

From the last wrap cracker, at 2:12, step back with the right while circling the right fist down, back and around. The left fist circles down, back and around following the right fist. Finish in left cat stance with the left fist inside the left knee and the right fist by the right temple.

Step onto the left (he doesn’t appear to pick it up first), skip once (right-left), and fajin, hammering back and down with the right fist and at head-level with the left at 2:15:


He then drops his arms and makes a huge leap, turning 180 degrees, landing with the right fist punching down. He immediately ball–changes right-left for Yan Shou Gong Quan. The slow motion feature (see Jan 22 post) is a life-saver! I wish I had discovered it a long time ago!

From the list of names I’m using (Chicagitaiji laojia erlu list of names), it appears we are at the end of the second section. Pi Jia Ji (Wearing a Frame) must be the fajin; Fan Hua Fu Xiou is the 180-degree leap. It’s the same leap that immediately preceded Yan Shou Gong Quan at the end of the first section.

The next section begins with Subduing the Tiger (Fu Hu) at 2:20. I note that he does step back a step with the right; I find that I have to, even though I try to widen my stance for the cannon fist. The right hand pulls back, palm up, then circles up. Both hands spiral into a hit-the-tiger position.

Subdue the Tiger (Fu Hu) at 2:20

Subdue the Tiger (Fu Hu) at 2:20

Rise for a palm strike. The right arm circles out, the left arm circles under it, and the strike is to the right near corner.


We get a break. Two sets of three one-handed cloud hands-type moves follow, and these are comparatively slow. From the Palm Strike (Mo Mei Gong?), he faces away, feet together, left hand at the waist, and backhands to the right while stepping sideways to the left, cloud hands-style. Then he cross-steps behind with the right as the arm circles down, so the right hand sort of follows the right foot.

After three steps to the left, the final cross-step is a ball-change 180-degree turn to face front. I think it’s actually the same turn as the one in the middle of the firecrackers. The right hand goes to the waist and the left backhands, cloud hands-style with a step to the left. In this direction, the left hand follows the left foot for three steps.

That series is called Yellow Dragon Stirs the Water Three Times–Huang Long San Jiao Shui. The next two moves are Zuo Chong and You Chong, left and right thrust kicks. At the point when his feet are together after the third step, he steps back to his right, circles the arms out and scoops to gather for the kick:


He pivots on the left foot to face away for the right kick. He lands with a ball change right-left for Yan Shou Gong Quan and we are ready for the dreaded sweeps. We are at 2:40, and we’re halfway through the third section (of four).

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