Pao Chui Part 4

From Yan Shou Gong Quan, Chen Bing makes a quarter-turn to the right, moving his right foot. Then he steps to a wider stance with the right, reaches with the left hand, grabs and pulls while hammering with the right. Below you see him grab with left:


Hammer with right:


He then advances with a skipping left-right and repeats the grab-hammer, which is called Duo Er Gong, double forearm punches.

Next, he steps forward with the left throwing three quick punches, left, right, left. This move is called Zuo Er Gong You Er Gong.

Hui Tou Dang Men Pao is a turning move. After the last punch left, he picks up his left foot and monkey hops around, left-right-left and hits back in the direction he came from with both forearms. He then mirrors that move, right-left-right coming back, with the Dang Men Pao to his left:


At 3:00, he picks up his right foot and does an elbow block at the waist. He follows this with another right elbow strike, this one not blocked by the left hand. He then skips left-right and does another grab-and-hammer.

It’s not clear how to parse the names with the movements in this section. Yao Lan Zhou is a repeated move, the elbow block at the waist, which I recognize (from just before Da Gong Quan Xiao Gong Quan). I think Wo Di Da Zhuo Pao must be the blows at the end of the turning move, Hui Tou Dang Men Pao. Then Shun Lan Zhou is the second elbow strike (without the left hand) and the last hammer is Wo Di Pao.

Anyway, the final turning move before the Buddha Stamp is surely Hui Tou Jing Lan Ji Ru. He turns right-left-right, throws a right elbow and we’re done. JinGang Dao Dui, Shou Shi.

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