Pao Chui – Firecrackers!

Wrapping Firecrackers, Guo Bian Pao, takes less than 10 seconds. From the Yan Shou Gong Quan (punch) at 2:05 (Bing video), Master Bing turns around to the right and makes two fajin moves to his left. Then he turns 180 and does two more.


That first turn: he picks up his right foot, pivoting on the left foot, and does a ball-change, right-for-left. It’s a 270-degree turn. His arms close on the turn, then he does a double back-fist. Picks up the right foot, does a ball-change to the left, landing right-left, and does another double back fist.

The second turn: picks up the right foot, pivoting on the left to the right, and does a ball-change right-left. Pow. Pick up the right, ball change right-left. Pow. So it’s actually sort of simple (in slow motion! In theory!) — he does the same thing four times, with two turns. Easy, right?

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