Laojia Erlu Names

Chen Xiao Xing will offer a workshop on Silkreeling and Laojia Yilu in Chicago in April at the University of Chicago.

I’m learning the names of the movements of Laojia Erlu using the list. Many are familiar from the Chen 38, but I’m a little confused by others. The opening is clear (I list them here for practice):

  1. Youbei Shi
  2. Jin Gang Dao Dui
  3. Lan Zha Yi
  4. Liu Feng Si Bi
  5. Danbian
  6. Hu Xin Quan
  7. Xie Xing
  8. Hui Tou Jin Gang Dao Dui
  9. Pie Shen Quan

Three more moves are listed before #13 Yan Shou Gong Quan ends the first section:

  • Zhi Dang (Pointing to the Crotch)
  • Zhan Shou (Chopping Hand)
  • Fan Hua Wu Xiou (Overturning Flowers and Waving Sleeves)

I’m not 100% sure how to parse this section. The fajin (arms thrown out) after Pie Shen Quan is (I am guessing) part of Zhi Dang, the cross step and punch down (similar to Zhi Dang Chui in the 108 and the Chen 38). Zhan Shou would then be the partial turn before Fan Hua Wu Xiou, the 180- leap to face forward. (That move is a 180 when it repeats later in the form.)

Yao Lan Zhou (Lan is block, and Zhou is Elbow) is the elbow strike. Da Gong Quan Xiao Gong Quan is the turning cloud hands-type move.

Yu Nu Chuan Shuo is a familiar name (Fair Lady Works the Shuttles). The move bears no resemblance to the other movements by the same name, but actually, the four rapid bamboo steps do resemble shuttle action on a loom.

Dao Qi Long is Riding the Dragon Backwards (the three bamboo steps back)–Long is Dragon. Another Yan Shou Gong Quan shows we’re in the right place.

  • Guo Bian Pao – Firecrackers
  • Shou Tou Shi – Beast Head Pose (xu bu, right fist by temple)
  • Pi Jia Zi – Wearing the Frame (the fajin that follows)

Fan Hua Wu Xiou (Overturning Flowers and Waving Sleeves) repeats. Yan Shou Gong Quan closes the second section.

  • Fu Hu is Subduing the Tiger (Hu is tiger) (the low squat somewhat like Hit the Tiger).
  • Mo Mei Gong is Wipe the Brow Palms (the turning palm strike).

Huang Long San Jiao Shui (Yellow Dragon Stirs the Water Three Times) is the set of one-handed cloud hand-type moves. Long is dragon, Water is Shui, San is Three.

Chong is the thrust kick. (You and Zuo are Right and Left respectively). Yet another kick word! To go with deng jiao, fen jiao, bai lian and pai jiao.

Then Yan Shou Gong Quan (which is like punctuation, or a stepping stone in this form) occurs before and after the leg sweep (Sao Tang Tui). Tui is leg here (it can have other meanings). In the traditional 108, the cross form kick is Shi Zi Tui; compare to Shi Zi Shou, cross hands.

Quan Pao Chui (see the post before this one) is the last new move before the third section ends with Yan Shou Gong Quan. The fourth section has a number of names I haven’t learned yet, so I’m not quite done with this language project!

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