A New Tai Chi Notebook

I’m considering testing for my second degree black sash this year — if not this year, next year — and my trusty Tai Chi Notebook on Pommelhouse is hard-coded. So I’m moving it to WordPress and updating everything.

For the second degree black sash, I’ll need to know the Chen 38 and its applications, Ba Fa, Chen sword, and Chen saber. I’ll also have to pass the first degree test again, which shouldn’t be a problem; I’ve stayed with it.

I study at Master Gohring’s Black Sash Academy, and that’s where I’ll be testing, but I also practice with a group of Chinese friends in my neighborhood. The Tai Chi they do is quite different, and although it keeps me spread somewhat thin to study with them, too, I love working with them.

I feel the need for a hardcopy notebook, so I’ll be adding printable versions of some of the material on this site.

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