Yi Jian Mei Taiji Jian

Yi Jian Mei (One Plum Blossom) is a lovely sword form about which I have been able to glean very little information. I’m told it was created by a master who has passed away–I don’t know his name. The name of the form is the title of a very popular song as well as a drama. I haven’t found out much about them, either.

Yi Jian Mei: song and lyrics

But I have managed to learned the form, and I have done quite a few posts on it along the way. I have just discovered two very helpful videos that I am using to correct my form. The first is an instructional video; if the name of the performer is given, it’s in Chinese. The setting is beautiful, wherever it is.

The second is a performance by the same man with the music. This video even offers an inset showing him from a different angle.

To see all of my posts on this subject, including more video links, stills of key positions, etc, read this page from the bottom up (it’s just the tag Yi Jian Mei in most-recent-first order).

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