Yi Jian Mei Taiji Jian

Yi Jian Mei (One Plum Blossom) is a lovely sword form about which I have been able to glean very little information. I’m told it was created by a master who has passed away–I don’t know his name. The name of the form is the title of a very popular song as well as a drama. I haven’t found out much about them, either.

Yi Jian Mei: song and lyrics

But I have managed to learned the form using this instructional video; if the name of the performer is given, it’s in Chinese. The setting is beautiful, wherever it is.

There is also a performance by the same man with the music. This video even offers an inset showing him from a different angle.

For more on this form — including names f the movements and lyrics to the song, See this post: https://taichinotebook.com/2016/07/14/yi-jian-mei-names/.

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