42 Form

Also called the combined form and the competition form, 42 was created in 1989 by Grand Master Li De Yin. It incorporates elements of all four styles of Tai Chi: Yang, Chen, Sun and Wu. Wikipedia offers this interesting discussion by Dr. Paul Lam.

video of 42 form

I’ve been using an excellent video demonstration by Miss Ng Ah Mui.

For comparison, here’s an excellent performance by Gao Jiamin on YouTube.

Here’s a list of the 42 movements in English and Chinese, derived from Lau Sui and a list that Long Feng gave me.

The form takes 6-7 minutes. The movements are:

  1. Preparing Form – Qishi
  2. Right Grasp the Bird’s Tail [Wu style] – You Lan Que Wei
  3. Single Whip – Zuo Dan Bian
  4. Lift Hands – Ti Shou
  5. White Crane Spreads Wings – Bai He Liang Chi
  6. Brush Knee Push – Luo Xi Ao Bu [right and left]
  7. Fist Across the Body – Pie Shen Chui
  8. Roll Back and Press – Lu Ji Shi
  9. Step Forward, Block, Parry, Punch – Jin Bu Ban Lan Chui
  10. Withdraw and Push [Sun Style] – Ru Feng Si Bi
  11. Open and Close Hands – Kai He Shou
  12. Single Whip [Wu style] – You Dan Bian
  13. Fist Under Elbow [Sun style] – Zhou Di Chui
  14. Turn to Push Palm [Sun style] – Zhuan Shen Tui Zhang
  15. Fair Lady Works the Shuttle [Wu? style] – Yu Nu Chuan Shuo
  16. Right and Left Heel Kick – You/Zuo Deng Jiao
  17. Hidden Hand Punch [Chen style] – Yan Shou Gong Chui
  18. Part the Wild Horse’s Mane [Chen style] – Ye Ma Fen Zong
  19. Cloud Hands – Yun Shou
  20. Hit the Tiger on One Leg [Wu style] – Du Li Da Hu
  21. Right Snap Kick – You Fen Jiao
  22. Box the Tiger’s Ears – Shuang Feng Quan Er
  23. Left Snap Kick – Zuo Fen Jiao
  24. Turn Body Slap Foot – Zhuan Shen Pai Jiao
  25. Step Up and Punch Down – Jin Bu Zai Chui
  26. Slant Flying [Wu style] – Xie Fei Shi
  27. Snake Creeps Down – Dan Bian Xia Shi
  28. Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg- Jin Ji Du Li
  29. Step Back Piercing Palm – Tui Bu Chuan Zhang
  30. Press Palm in Empty Stance – Xu Bu Ya Zhang
  31. Lift Palm on One Leg – Du Li Tuo Zhang
  32. Strike With Shoulder – Ma Bu Kao
  33. Turn Body Big Pullback – Zhuan Shen Da Lu
  34. Grab to Punch – Xie Bu Qin Da
  35. Squat to Palms Through – Chuan Zhang Xia Shi
  36. Step Up Seven Stars – Shang Bu Qi Xing
  37. Step Back to Ride the Tiger [Wu style] – Tui Bu Kua Hu
  38. Turn and Sweep the Lotus – Zhuan Shen Bai Lian
  39. Bend Bow Shoot Tiger – Wan Gong She Hu
  40. Left Grasp the Bird’s Tail – Zuo Lan Que Wei
  41. Cross Hands – Shi Zi Shou
  42. Close Form – Shou Shi

The form is predominantly Yang style; I’ve indicated where the other styles occur (as best I know).

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