Chinese Names

Few of my Chinese friends speak English. In the year that I’ve been working with them, we’ve managed to learn only a handful of words in each other’s language. Up until recently, I’ve really struggled to hear Chinese–I’ve learned much less than they have–but suddenly, I’ve experienced a very small breakthrough. My brain, for some reason, is beginning to accept a little Chinese.

White Crane

Bai He Liang Chi – White Crane Spreads Wings

I found a great website run by the Lau Sui Taijiquan school in the UK. Not only do they list the Chinese names for movements of many forms–they even provide audio to help with pronunciation! For example: movements of 42-form. Fantastic!

Many of these movements are familiar from other forms. I’m working on the following list right now:

  • Grasp the bird’s tail: Lan Que [cheh] Wei
  • Single whip: Dan Bian [bi-en]
  • Lift hands: Ti Shou
  • White crane spreads wings: Bai He Liang Chi
  • Brush knee push: Luo Xi [lo shee] Ao Bu
  • Step forward, deflect downward etc: Jin Bu Ban Lan Chui [chway]
  • Fist under elbow: Zhou [jo] Di Chui*
  • Part the wild horse’s mane: Ye [yay] Ma Fen [fun] Zong [tzong]

*Different for some reason from what I’ve learned in school.

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