42-Step Taiji Quan

I’ve just been through Li De Yin’s instructional video on the 42-step combined form for competition. I have the DVD and have not found that material on YouTube; it might not be available on the Web.


I did stumble upon a short video in which Professor Li explains (in Chinese, alas and of course) and demonstrates one of the moves I have found most baffling: the sequence of Yan Shou Gong Chui and Ye Ma Fen Zong. The Hidden Hand Punch I get, and although it’s different from the Chen I know, Part the Wild Horse’s Mane is clear, too. What I have been puzzled about is the little fajin in between. This is the clearest exposition I’ve seen. Helpful!


For sheer beauty of form, Amin Wu’s version is the performance I am trying to keep in my mind’s eye. I’m a big fan of this many-time Chinese champion. You can read about her accomplishments here: wuamintaichi.com/master_wu.

I’ve been learning the Chinese characters for numbers and a few of the words that occur most commonly in tai chi. The red letters in the image above say 42 form taiji quan:  = 4,  = 10, = 2 (combine four, ten and two for 42), 式 = shì = form, 太极拳 = taiji quan. Learn Chinese numbers here: learnchineseez.com/characters/learn-to-write-chinese.

For names of movements, other videos, etc., see the main 42-form page.

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