Double Broadsword

It seems there are (at least) two Chen double dao forms. The one that I linked to in my earlier post, demo-ed by Chen Zhenglei, is not the one we’re doing. But I have found video on ours, or at least forms that have movements in common with ours. In some cases the opening is different.


Above: Chen Xiaowang does Chen Double Saber in a video titled “A Splendor His Tory for One Family,” which makes about as much sense as I do when I try to speak Chinese. The video is fraught with odd backgrounds, although it appears to have been shot in Chen Village. Interesting, but not the best study aid.


This next one is better, although the performer, Chen Su Yang, FLIES. Very fast moving. He covers what we’ve done so far in class in 15 seconds. This was shot in Chen Village, too. I can’t say for sure yet that this form will not diverge from ours. It looks like he might do fewer repeats of the flourishes that come next. We’ll see.

Shuang Dao is the Chinese for double saber, incidentally, and Googling double broadsword gets better results than Googling double saber.


Most interesting to me is the above very long instructional video featuring Master Tzu Tian Cai. Part one of two (I haven’t even looked for part two yet), it is almost an hour long. Most of the lengthy (about 7 minutes) intro is in Chinese, but the video clips (of other Chen forms) are entertaining while you wait for the double dao.

The opening of this form is a little different: He does a sort of Buddha Stamp. But from there, at least as far as we have gotten in class, the movements are the same as ours. The form instruction includes English subtitles, and the detail is wonderful. Click on the picture below!



This video doesn’t get down to actual step-by-step instruction until about the 18-minute mark, so this one requires patience. It’s worth it! He breaks down both footwork and blades and gives us the names of the movements, too. We’ve done only three or four so far. I’ll write up study notes on all this and post tomorrow.


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