Chen Applications (7)

Last but not least: Whirling Wind Arms, Flash the Back, Cloud Hands and Cannon Overhead.

Dao Juan Hong (?) – Whirling Wind Arms: Ugi grabs the right wrist with the right hand. Trap the ugi’s hand with the left, pull back the right, and as the ugi’s grasp breaks, twist the thumb down to the left, stepping back left and chopping at the ugi’s neck with the right.

Shan Tong Bei – Flash the Back: Ugi throws a right punch. Block up with the right hand turned out and palm up (as in the form). Turn away from the ugi to the right, shoulder in the ugi’s armpit, left hand holding the ugi’s upper arm like a tray. Pull down on the right, twisting and lifting the right leg to flip the ugi over the back (if not break the arm).

Yun Shou – Cloud Hands: This is a simple block (Peng), right block against right punch or left block against left punch, spiraling the arm outward.

Dang Tou Pao (?) – Cannon Overhead: block a right punch with both hands to the right, the kick the ugi’s back with the right leg. With double back fists, block a kick, then punch the face and solar plexus simultaneously, left fist to the face, as in the form.

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