Chen Applications (Summary)

Here are the 21 required applications and key notes to remember, including the attacking move that is being defended and the type of defensive response.

  1. Buddha Stamp 1: Right punch. Block, Qin Na, Arm Bar, Qin Na.
  2. Buddha Stamp 2: Right punch from the side. Block, grab, and push.
  3. Buddha Stamp 3: Right punch. Block, grab and kick left.
  4. Buddha Stamp 4: [No attack!] Slap left, palm strike to groin with right.
  5. Lazy About 1: Wrist grab* from right. Break and grab, pull across and kick.
  6. Lazy About 2: Wrist grab from left. Trap, arm bar, Qin Na and push.
  7. Six Sealing: Left punch** from right. Block up, sink, push.
  8. White Crane 1: Wrist grab. Break and grab, pull across and strike palm up.
  9. White Crane 2: Wrist grab. Trap, circle and twist hand.
  10. Oblique 1: Right punch. Block, arm bar, Qin Na and push.
  11. Oblique 2: Ugi grabs arms. Trap and twist left.
  12. Brush Knee 1: Left punch. Block with left, pull down and push with right.
  13. Brush Knee 2: Right punch. Block up with right, strike with shoulder.
  14. Brush Knee 3: Wrist grab. Trap and Qin Na.
  15. Draping the Fist: Ugi grabs wrists. Sink and twist.
  16. Blue-green Dragon: [No attacking move.] Six blows of the Dragon!
  17. Fist Under Elbow: Right punch. Block up with left, punch ribs w/ right.
  18. Whirling Wind: Wrist Grab. Trap and twist.
  19. Flash the Back: Right punch. Block down right, grab, twist and throw.
  20. Cloud Hands. Right, left punches. Block with same hand.
  21. Cannon Overhead. Right punch, kick.*** Block, kick, block and punch.

*In every case, for the purposes of testing, the ugi grabs the right wrist with the right hand. Most applications have a mirror version if the ugi grabs the left with the left, and there are also variations for grabbing the opposite hand.

**Six Sealing Four Closing and Brush Knee Twist Step (#1) are the only applications that start with a left punch from the ugi. Cloud Hands is practiced on both sides.

Cannon Overhead is the only combination. Ugi punches, defender blocks and kicks, ugi kicks, defender blocks and punches with both fists.

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