Chen Applications (6)

Pie Shen Quan – Draping the Fist Over the Body: this application is similar to the second app for Xie Xing, except the ugi grabs the wrists. Make fists and hold the arms straight (but not straight, of course) down and connected. Sink and twist (usually left), pulling down and back with arm you are turning towards. If the ugi is not uprooted, reverse direction and uproot on the other side.

Blue-green Dragon Emerges from the Sea

Blue-green Dragon Emerges from the Sea

Qing Long Chu Shi – Blue-green Dragon Emerges from the Sea: Ugi is on the right. Six quick strikes closely follow the form: flip the right hand over, hammer with the left, back fist down and up with the right while reaching and grabbing with the left, then punch to groin.

Zhou Di Kan Quan – The Ugi punches with the right. Block up to expose the ribs and punch. The force of the punch comes from a twist of the body that shifts the weight to the right leg and lifts the left to cat stance.

Here’s an interesting page on Chinese names of movements. I’ve been puzzled about Fist Under Elbow, which I see everywhere as Zhou Di Chui, but which we learn as Zhou Di Kan Quan, which is looking at the fist under the elbow. Chui is beat or hammer; Quan is fist. Here’s a forum discussion of Zhou Di Chui and Pie Shen Chui (International Yang Family Association), which seems to be strike with back fist; our Chen movement is Pie Shen Quan (cast the fist across the body).

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