Chen Applications (5)

Oblique (Xie Xing) and Brush Knee Push (Lou Xi Ao Bu) have two and three applications, respectively.


Oblique 1: The Ugi throws a right punch. Block with the right,to the right and down while turning right and pivoting on the right heel. Trap the ugi’s right wrist close to the right hip and use the left to create an arm bar. Then as the ugi falls forward, do a qin na and push down and away.

Oblique 2: The ugi grabs both arms above the elbows. Drape both forearms over the ugi’s arms, trapping them, sink and twist to the side (usually left), pulling down and back with the leading arm and up with the following arm.

Brush Knee Push 1: Ugi throws a left punch. Block with the left straight ahead, grab the wrist and pull straight down close to your left side while pushing out with the right on the ugi’s shoulder.

Brush Knee Push 2: Ugi throws right punch. Rock back on right heel and block up with the right arm. Step in and strike with the right shoulder.

Brush Knee Push 3: Ugi grabs the right wrist with the right hand. Trap with the left and circle the hand (look at the palm, show the palm). Sink and knife downwards with the right hand.

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