Chen Applications (3)

Lan Zha Yi — Lazy About Tying the Robe — has two applications. In both cases, the ugi grabs your right wrist with his right hand. In the first app, the ugi is on your right. In the second, he is on your left.

Lan Zha Yi

In the form, at the end of Buddha stamp, the arms circle up, wrists crossed, then you settle with the right hand up and sliding down, the left hand by the thigh. Then you step to the left into horse stance. The ugi grabs the right wrist.

The defense: Thrust the right hand forward and up, then circle counterclockwise to grab the ugi’s wrist. Twist the ugi’s arm (spiral the right hand under, palm up) and pull it across your body. Reach over and grab with the left hand, too.  You are gripping the ugi’s arm from underneath with the right and overhand with the left.

Note that your wrists are crossed as in the form (see video of Lan Zha Yi), with the right palm up and the left palm down. In the application, the ugi’s arm is trapped between your wrists. Strike the ugi’s right knee with your heel.

In the second application, the ugi grabs your right wrist with his right, from a position to your left. Clap your hand over his. Circle the arms so the right palm turns in and up, then circle both hands up and around to the right hip. Sink and knife the outside edge of the right hand, pointing down.

This Qin Na is very similar to the Yang application for Needle at Sea Bottom: I look at my palm, I show you my palm, I sink and point the right hand down. The Chen application finishes with a push down and away to the left.

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