Chen Applications (2)

Notes for the Buddha Stamp (Jin Gang Dao Dui): Four applications correspond to the four parts of the movement.

  1. Block to the right, turn back, squat and rise;
  2. Reach back, block to the right, grab and pull in, push down;
  3. Step out to the front with the left leg; and
  4. Step up to cat stance with the right foot.

Qin naHere’s an interesting video on wrist joint locks from China Hand Kung Fu Academy. A Shaolin instructional video is long (5 minute intro and 32 techniques demonstrated) but clear and contains more information than we need for our test. We only need to learn select applications from the Chen 38.

The first application is complicated, involving more than one qin na (joint locking) technique.

1. Block a right punch with both hands and perform chin na on the wrist and elbow. The ugi (attacker) snakes out of the trap by straightening the arm and thrusting down. Follow the ugi down, apply arm bar, and then apply a second chin na on rising.

For the first qin na, grasp the hand on the outside (your thumb under the ugi’s palm) and turn it down. Block the elbow with the left hand while turning the body back to the left. Right and left hand squeeze together to apply pressure on the joint. For the second qin na, use the same grip and turn the palm up while pushing the elbow down with the left hand.

For the first qin na, the force comes from the body turning back to the left. For the second, the force comes from rising out of a squat.

2. Block a right punch with both arms and grab the right arm with the the right hand to swing the opponent around; pull in and push down.

3. Block a right punch with both arms, hold onto the right wrist with the right hand and strike the ugi’s right knee with the left heel.

4. While stepping up to cat stance, slap backhanded with the left (to the side of the face) and then strike to the groin with the upturned palm.

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