Chen Applications (4)

Liu Feng Si Bi –Six Sealing Four Closing — and Bai He Liang Chi — White Crane Spreads Wings. The latter has two applications. Here’s a great instructional video for Six Sealing Four Closing by Master Gohring.

6 sealing 4 closing

In Liu Feng Si Bi, the ugi approaches from the right, leading with a left punch. Block with both arms, straight up, without grabbing, and swing left. The ugi’s momentum should lift him off his feet. Then drop down on the left. When the ugi falls, push up to left cat stance.

In both applications for White Crane, the ugi grabs the right wrist with the right hand.

(1) Thrust forward and circle the hand counterclockwise to break the ugi’s grip and grasp his wrist. Reach overhand to grab the ugi’s arm with the left and free the right. Pull the ugi’s right arm across your body to the left and with a splitting movement, strike with the side of the right hand to the ribs.

(2) Trap the hand with your left (you’ve got me, I’ve got you), swing out, down, and up. At height, grab the outside of the ugi’s hand with your left, thumb on top, then flip your hand out palm up and pull straight down. The left foot releases to cat stance so the left hip can drop and turn.

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