Chen Applications (1)

I have Mr. Jay Hayley to thank for these (and upcoming) notes on the martial arts applications of the movements in the Chen 38. The 13 movements for which we’ll do applications on the second-degree test are:

  1. Buddha Stamp – Jin Gang Dao Dui (4 apps)
  2. Lazily Tying the Robe –  Lan Zha Yi (2)
  3. Six Sealing Four Closing – Liu Feng Si Bi
  4. White Crane Spreads Wings – Bai He Liang Chi (2)
  5. Oblique – Xie Xing (2)
  6. Brush Knee Twist Step – Lou Xi Ao Bu (3)
  7. Draping Fist Over Body – Pie Shen Quan
  8. Blue Green Dragon Emerges from the Sea – Qing Long Chu Shi
  9. Fist Under Elbow – Zhou Di Kan Quan
  10. Whirling Wind Arms – Dao Juan Hong
  11. Flash the Back – Shan Tong Bei
  12. Cloud Hands – Yun Shou
  13. Overhead Cannon Fists – Dang Tou Pao

Some movements have more than one application; we have to know a total of 21. No videos are available. Six more posts with details:

Finally, here’s a summary–works as a cheat sheet.

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