Chen Short Form

While looking for the Chinese names for the movements of the Chen 38, I came across the 18-step Chen short form created in the 1990s by Grandmaster Cheng Zhenglai, who, like Cheng Jincai, studied with Grand Master Chen Zhaokui. Here’s a video of Cheng Zhenglai performing the Chen 18.

Chen 18

From the Cloud Hands discussion of this form, I’ve found the following movements common to my quarry, the Chen 38:

Buddha Stamp: Jin Gang Dao Dui
Lazy About Tying the Robe: Lan Zha Yi
Six Sealing Four Closing: Liu Feng Si Bi
Oblique Form: Xie Xing
Hidden Hand Punch: Yan Shou Hong Quan
Double Lotus Kick: Shuang Bai Jiao [I’m not sure about this one]
Cannon Fist: Dang Tou Pao

And of course a number of the names from the 38 are also in the Yang forms (Single Whip, Cloud Hands, High Pat on Horse, etc.). I am getting somewhat distracted by the different ways of Romanizing Mandarin Chinese, just because I hate to misspell, but my goal here is to be able to say the names, not write them.

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