The 108 in Chinese (3)

There is quite a lot of repetition in the traditional long form. Grasp the Bird’s Tail followed by Single Whip is repeated four times in the third section alone. Cloud Hands is repeated for a second and third time. And the whole sequence from Repulse Monkeys to Hidden Hand Punch is repeated in part three with only a change from Strike with Back Fist to White Snake Spits Out its Tongue.

Snake Creeps Down

Yang Cheng Fu, grandson of Yang Lu Chan Snake Creeps Down, 3rd section of 108

So you only have to learn a dozen new moves in the third section. They’re among the most difficult movements in the whole form, though. The new names in the third section of the long form are:

  • Part the Wild Horse’s Mane – Ye Ma Fen Zong
  • Fair Lady Works the Shuttle – Yu Nu Chuan Shou
  • Snake Creeps Down – Xia Shi
  • Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg – Jin Ji Du Li
  • White Snake Sticks Out its Tongue – Bai She Tu Xin
  • Piercing Palm – Chuan zhang
  • Cross Form Kick – Shi Zi Tui
  • Brush Knee Punch to Groin – Jin Bu Zhi Dang Chui
  • Step Up Seven Stars – Shang Bu Qi Xing
  • Step back Ride the Tiger to the Mountain – Tui Bu Kua Hu
  • Turn Around and Sweep the Lotus – Zhuan Shen (Jiao?) Bai Lian
  • Bend Bow to Shoot Tiger – Wan Gong She Hu


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