The 108 in Chinese (2)

I’m listing Chinese names for only the new moves in the middle section:

  • Embrace Tiger Return to Mountain – Bao Hu Gui Shan
  • Fist Under Elbow – Zhou Di Chui
  • Repulse Monkeys – Dao Juan Hong
  • Slant Flying – Xie Fei Shi
  • Needle at Sea Bottom – Hai Di Zhen
  • Fan Through Back – Shan Tong Bei
  • Strike with Back Fist – Pie Shen Chui
  • Cloud Hands – Yun Shou
  • High Pat on Horse – Gao Tan Ma
  • Separate [Right/Left] Foot – [Zuo/You] Fen Jiao
  • Strike with Heel – Deng Jiao
  • Step Up and Punch Down – Jin Bu Zai Chui
  • Hit the Tiger – Da Hu
  • Box the Tiger’s Ears – Shuang Feng Quan Er

Zhuan Shen is turn body; turn body and strike with heel left would be Zhuan Shen Zuo Deng Jiao. Turn around and strike with back fist would be Zhuan Shen Pie Shen Chui.

Here’s a list of the 108 moves in Chinese (but no audio). Repulse Monkeys is completely different: Dao Nian Hou.

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