Ba Fa

Ba Fa means Eight Energies. It’s also the name of a short Chen-style form consisting of only 16 movements corresponding to the eight energies: blocking, pulling, pushing, pressing, grabbing, breaking, elbowing and shouldering.

Ba Fa

Master Gohring demonstrates Ba Fa

Video by Master Gohring shows Ba Fa from the back at a walk-through pace. Movements are as follows:


  • Block (step left, fingers pointing right)
  • Pull Back (shift back left, close with right foot, step forward right)
  • Push (shift back to right cat stance, step forward right to push)
  • Press (open to left, press down, step back up left to shoulder width)


  • Block (step back right, fingers point to left)
  • Pull Back (shift back right, close with left, step forward left)
  • Push(shift back to left cat, step forward left to push)
  • Press (open to right, press down, step up right feet together)


  • Grab (Step left)
  • Break (block up left, pull back and down left)
  • Elbow (step left, right)
  • Shoulder (Step left, right, walk back)


  • Grab (step right)
  • Break (block up right, pull back and down right)
  • Elbow (step right, left)
  • Shoulder (step right, left, walk back)

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