The 108 in Chinese (1)

I think I’ll try to learn the whole 108 in Chinese. This might take a while! But I can do the first section, right now:

  • Commencement – Qishi
  • Grasp the Bird’s Tail – Lan Que Wei
  • Single Whip – Dan Bian
  • Lift Hands – Ti Shou
  • Strike with Shoulder – Ma Bu Kao
  • White Crane Spreads Wings – Bai He Liang Chi
  • Brush Knee Push – Luo Xi Ao Bu
  • Playing Guitar – Shou Hui Pi Pa
  • Deflect Downward, Intercept and Punch – Ban Lan Chui
  • Withdraw and Push – Ru Feng Si Bi
  • Cross Hands – Shi Zi Shou

For Strike with Shoulder, I’m using the name for Lean-in Horse Stance (42-form), which is a strike with shoulder. Kao is the name of the shoulder-striking energy. Tai Chi Wizard lists it as You Kao (right shoulder strike), so maybe that would be better.

“Shou” with a smile-shaped accent (rising inflection) means hand or hands. With a straight line accent (level inflection) means gather or collect. Closing form, or feet together, is Shou Shi.

Grasp the Bird’s Tail consists of four movements: Ward-off (peng), Pull back (lu), Press (gi) and Push (an).

Zuo is left and You is right. Pronunciation audio for all these names can be found on the Lau Shi site; most of these movements occur in either 24 or 42 form.

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