Chen Saber

This short, flashy form is required for the second degree black sash. It’s performed with a flexible broadsword and lasts only a little more than a minute. A section can be repeated to add length for purposes of competition, where a minimum time of two minutes or more may be required.

Chen SaberVideo resources for this one are scant! On Master Gohring’s YouTube, you can see Mister Hunter and Mister Rodriguez performing at Black Sash Graduation 2010. Very dark! And shot from the back.

Master Blue Siytangco studied with Grand Master Cheng Jincai along with Master Gohring. A few years ago he taught a class in Chen Saber at Master Gohring’s school. Here’s a video–wonderful instruction but doesn’t cover the whole form.

Here’s the list of movements:

  1. Preparing Form
  2. Protect the Heart
  3. Blue Green Dragon Leaps from the Sea
  4. Wind Sweeps the Wilting Flowers
  5. White Clouds Overhead
  6. Black Tiger Searches the Mountain
  7. Su Chin carries the Sword on His Back
  8. Golden Rooster Stands Alone
  9. Turn to Coming Force
  10. Cut the White Snake at the Waist
  11. Three Rings Around the Sun
  12. Part Clouds to See the Sun
  13. Search Grass for Snake
  14. Blue Green Dragon Leaps from the Sea
  15. Wind Sweeps the Wilting Flowers
  16. White Crane Inserts Golden Wing
  17. Nei Zha Searches Sea Bottom
  18. Turn and Chop Left
  19. Turn and Chop Right
  20. White Snake Spits Poison
  21. Embrace the Moon
  22. Close Form

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