This short sword form is a simplified version of the standardized 56-sword–simplified just in being shorter. All the movements in 32-sword are also in 56-sword. Michael Garfalo (Valley Spirit Taijiquan, Green Way Research, Red Bluff, California) offers an illustrated list of movements on his website. He also offers a PDF with drawings, but although this seemed like a great idea, I found it impossible to follow. Learning from video is hard enough! Luckily, I have Long Feng–nothing is better than a good teacher.

Long Feng doing 32 swordExcellent video is available for this one, from  taiji.de website–I don’t see the name of the man who performs– and from Sifu Amin Wu:

32 sword   32sword

Names of movements (with notes to self):

  1. Commencement
  2. 三環套月  Three Rings Around the Moon (twist step, right cross, take sword)
  3. 大魁星  The Big Dipper (aka the major literary star)
  4. 燕子抄水  The Swallow Beats the Water
  5. 边拦扫  Block and Sweep, Right and Left
  6. 夜叉探海 Yecha explores the sea [stand on right leg pointing sword down]
  7. 懷中抱月 Holding the Moon [stand on right leg, holding sword up]
  8. 宿鳥投林 The Birds Returns to the Tree at Dusk [pointing out]
  9. 乌龙摆尾  Black Dragon Swings Tail [turn around and sweep out]
  10. 青龍出水  Green Dragon Emerges from the Water [pull back left]
  11. 風捲荷葉  Wind Rolls the Lotus Leaf [pull back right to left cat]
  12. 夜叉探海 Lion Shakes Its Head [step up to right]
  13. 虎抱頭 Tiger Holds Its Head [fall forward]
  14. 野馬跳澗 The Horse Jumps Over the Stream [finish run with right bow thrust]
  15. 小魁星 The Little Dipper [pull back to right cat]
  16. 海底撈月 Scoop Up the Moon from the Sea Bottom [sweep left to cat, right to bow]
  17. 預備式 Shoot the Flying Geese [chop overhead, pull back to left cat]
  18. 猿献果 White Ape Presents the Fruit [elsewhere the compass]
  19. 迎風撣塵 左 Sweep the Dust into the Wind, L, R, L [swallow beats the water]
  20. 順水推舟 Push Boat With Current [open arms]
  21. 彗星飞行由月亮 Comet Chases the Moon [stab overhead]
  22. 飛馬行空 Pegasus Crosses the Sky[pivot left, chop to right bow]
  23. 挑簾式 Lifting the Curtain [turn left chop to right cat]
  24. 左輪劍 Wheeling Sword to the left [sit to minor literary star]
  25. 右輪劍 Wheeling Sword to the right
  26. 右輪劍 Right Wheeling Chop [to right cat]
  27. 大鵬展翅  Phoenix Spreads Its Wings
  28. 黃蜂入洞 Bee Enters the Cave [slash and shift left, shift right to left cat]
  29. 懷中抱月 Holding the Moon [step to right bow]
  30. 風掃梅花 Wind Blows the Plum Blossoms [turn over the sword and step around]
  31. 指南针 The Compass Points South [left bow, then shift back to take sword]
  32. Conclusion

2 thoughts on “32-Sword

  1. Greetings, The man who performs 32-sword is Chen Sitan, the Prince of Tai Chi , has won a total of 32 gold medals in national and international Tai Chi competitions. His students won the European and East-Asia Taichi Championship and numerous gold medals in US Tai Chi Tournaments.

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