General Qi’s House

General Qi Jiquang was one of the most famous and successful military leaders in China’s long history. He came from a military family and assumed a hereditary post in Penglai, Shandong Province, at the age of 17.

The temple overlooking the sea at Penglai

Despite his youth, Qi quickly distinguished himself as an exceptional strategist and leader. Qi is best known for eradicating the threat of Japanese Pirates along the coast, but he was also famous for defending Beijing from Mongol invaders and directing the fortification of the Great Wall.

The Great Wall

In 2018, I traveled to China with a group led by Master Jesse Tsao. In Penglai, we visited General’s Qi’s residence.

General Qi Jiguang’s House and Garden
The garden at General Qi’s house
Statues of children playing in front of the house
The general’s horse is saddled and ready to go.

Read more on General Qi’s life and accomplishments here: General Qi is also famous for his manuals of military strategy. Read about the Jixiao xinshu here:

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