Laojia Yilu: Begin Section 4

I left off at the end of section three, with Yan Shou Gong Quan. Next comes the Small Grab and Hit (Xiao Qin Da) and Embrace the Head Push the Mountain (Bao Tou Tui Shan). Master Gohring has made video instruction and demonstration for both moves.

Small Grab and Hit 1

Small Grab and Hit 1 (instruction)

And for Embrace the Head Push the Mountain. This move, by the way, is for when somebody grabs your hair! Also called Protect the Head Push the Mountain, but Bao does mean embrace.

These two movements are followed by Liu Feng Si Bi and Single Whip. This video shows how to get into Liu Feng Si Bi from the push:

Next up: Forward and Backward Tricks and Ye Ma Fen Zong, which I can’t wait to learn. I am hoping that the Chen Part the Wild Horse’s Mane is going to help me with 42-form. We’ll see.

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