Laojia Yilu: Rest of Section 3

I left off with the double jump kick, Ti Er Qi, but before I move on, I found some more supporting video by Master Gohring for the double jump kick, Ti Er Qi.


Now moving on: Protect the Heart, Hu Xin Quan (more literally, fist protects the heart). This move occurs in the Chen 38 (short form) and Laojia Erlu as well as in Laojia Yilu, and it’s a little different in each. What is in common is the backfist with the right, the pull-down with the left, and the fajin. Here’s some great instruction for Hu Xin Quan in Laojia Yilu:


Here is the Ti Er Qi/Hu Xin Quan sequence:


Next up is the tornado kick. Xuan is loop, circle or whirl. Feng is wind. Whirling wind kick (or foot). For us Texans, whirling wind brings to mind a tornado, so we call it a tornado kick. Here is the instruction:


More explanation of Xuan Deng Jiao:


The tornado kick is followed by a repeat of Deng Yi Gen, this time on the right and Yan Shou Gong Quan. So this whole section goes as follows:

Protect the Heart (Hu Xin Quan)
Tornado Kick (Xuan Deng Jiao)
Right Side Kick (You Deng Yi Gen) (pronounced dung ee gun, by the way)
Hidden Hand Punch (Yan Shou Gong Quan)

Finally, as a little video bonus, here is a more general bit of instruction about the Chen-style stance. It took me a while to figure out how to protect my knees while doing Chen, and this is a great summary that I will do well to study again.


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