56-Sword: 3:00-4:00

The next full minute of the form consists of ten moves straight out of 32-sword, so maybe this is a good time to review. The movements all have both descriptive and traditional (or poetic) names. Which I’d like to hook up. My translations of the descriptive terms leave much to be desired. I don’t really care—why translate? Why not use the Chinese names?

The moves are:

Zuo/You/Zuo Gong Bu Lan (L, R, L bow stance block) = Dusting the Wind

Push Boat With Current

Push Boat With Current (Jin bu fan ci)

Jin Bu Fan Ci (advance and stab overhead) = Push Boat with Current

Comet Chases the Moon

Comet Chases the Moon (Fan shen hui pi)

Fan Shen Hui Pi (turn back circle chop) = Comet Chases the Moon

Pegasus Crosses the Sky (Xu bu dian jian)

Pegasus Crosses the Sky

Xu Bu Dian Jian (empty stance point sword) = Pegasus Crosses the Sky

Du Li Ping Tuo

Du Li Ping Tuo

Du Li Ping Tuo (stand on one leg hold up level) = Lifting the Curtain

I notice that a couple of transitions in this section are not what I’m used to. Fan Xue Ping stoops into xie bu ya jian (resting stance press the sword down) after Fan shen hui pi. Then, from Xu bu dian jian, she pulls the sword straight back up. I am accustomed to going straight from Fan shen hui pi to Xu bu dian jian, then wheeling the sword into xie bu ya jian. I am talking about this position being before or after pointing the sword in empty stance:

Xie Bu Ya Jian

Xie Bu Ya Jian

Gong Bu Gua Jian (bow stance wheel sword) = Wheeling the Sword Left and Right

Xu Bu Lun Pi (Wheeling Chop)

Xu Bu Lun Pi (Wheeling Chop)

Xu Bu Lun Pi (empty stance whirl and chop) = Right Wheeling chop

Phoenix Spreads its Wings

Phoenix Spreads its Wings

Che Bu Fan Ji (step back slash back) = Phoenix Spreads its Wings

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