56-Sword: 2:00-3:00

I left off at the two-minute mark of Fan Xue Ping’s exemplary demonstration video. Next is a series of three moves straight out of 32-sword: Du Li Lun Pi, Tui Bu Hui Chou, Du Li Shang Ci.


She steps back with the left foot (facing away) and slashes left , palm-up, brings the feet together (bing bu) and slashes right, palm-down. Then pulls the sword in to the waist, like carrying the sword at the waist, ping dai. This is at 2:15 (above). She’s standing quite straight.


She then does a complicated series of retreating and stabbing moves, facing all different directions, almost like four corners:

  1. One step straight back with the right, stabbing, then withdraws the sword to the waist. Tui bu ping ci? Step to left bow stance and stab–Zuo gong bu ping ci–to the back right corner (above).
  2. Turns around to her right 270 degrees: shift back, left toes in, step with right toe pointing to back left corner. With this turn, she turns the sword  over, from palm-up to palm-down, sweeping across (below), and then pulls it in to her waist, stepping in with the left.


This is followed by four retreating steps, starting with the left, a lot like block and sweep left and right, but retreating. Step left, pull the sword in to the left; step right, pull the sword into the right side. She finishes in position (below) to do a run of Lift Knee, Falling Step, Stab (Ti Xi Peng Jian, Tiao bu ping ci), which is also straight out of 32-sword.


Then she does Yang shen bao jian (circles the sword in front of her face and embraces it), turns back to her left in pu bu (below–doesn’t she look amazing?), and comes up to bing bu ping ci at the three-minute mark.


More than halfway through, with some familiar moves coming up. This is going faster than I expected!

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