Yin Yang Sword

I left off after the first line of verse three of Yi Jian Mei. Line 2: walk in a circle to the left, leading the sword (held high) by the hilt. Footwork is left-right-left-right. On that last right step, circle the sword as if drawing a big heart in the air with both hands like so:


Swing both arms closed while stepping forward on the left:


Then withdraw the sword, shifting back on the right, sword held palm-up and left hand palm-down, as shown below. That’s line two, verse three.


Yin Yang Sword is a stabbing movement with a shift forward and back. The hands turn so that either palms or backs of hands are facing each other. On the stab forward, sword palm is down, left hand palm-up. Then withdraw palm-up and turn the left hand palm-down. You could picture using your sword-fingers (left hand) to push shish-kabobs off a skewer (!).


After two such stabs, step up with the right foot, draw another big heart in the air and stamp the right foot once in cross-hands (left hand on top):


Swing both arms to the left, twisting at the waist:


Swing the sword to the right, stepping out to the right, and then cross-step left behind like so:


That’s line three, verse three. I have caught up with myself! The last line of verse three, which had me stumped anyway, is completely different the way Long Feng does it. It looks a bit like a part of Wudang sword (between the sits). I’ll tackle that next time.

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