Yi Jian Mei Lyrics

No end of artists have recorded this song! I found a YouTube video with the lyrics in Pinyin (the singer is Timi Zhou), which makes it easier to keep my place in the music while learning the form. I also found a video with English subtitles:

Click to go to English version.

Click on image to go to English version.

I actually like the vocals in these two recordings better than the one that goes with the video of the form. I’ve transcribed Pinyin and English translation below. The opening movements that I wrote up the other day extend through the second line of the second verse.

Zhen qing xiang cao yuan guang huo     True love is like the wild field

Ceng ceng feng yu bu neng zu ge      Wind and rain cannot create barriers

Zong you yun kai ri chu shi hou      The cloud will break and the sun will shine

Wan zhan yang guang zhao yao ni wo      On you and me


Zhen qing xiang mei huo kai guo      True love is like the blossoming plum

Leng leng bing xue bu neng yan me     It cannot be buried by the snow

Jiu zai zui leng zhi tou zhan fang    It blossoms at the coldest time

Kan jian chun tian zou xiang ni wo     And sees spring coming towards us


Xue hua piao piao bei feng xiao xiao     The snow falls and the wind blows

Tian di yi pian cang mang     The heaven and the Earth are completely white

Yi jian han mei ao li xue zhong     One branch of plum stands proudly in the snow

Zhi wei yi ren piao xiang     Its scent is only for you


Ai wo suo ai wu yuan wu hui     My love is without complaint and regret

Ci qing chang liu xin jian     This love always stays in my heart

One stanza’s worth of instrumental music follows. Then repeat from xue hua to the end. At the end of the vocals, there is a short instrumental closing (about two lines’ worth). The form closes with the music for a grand total of about 26 lines, lasting just over three minutes in this video.


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6 thoughts on “Yi Jian Mei Lyrics

  1. This is such a wonderful song thank you for putting it in pinyin for me. I am from Korea but I love China so i wanted to learn how to sing this beautiful song

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