More Shuang Dao Video

Master Gohring has recorded walk-through video for the Chen Tai Chi Double Saber up through the flurry that we’ve just reached in class. There are six videos in all, links listed below.


Video 1: Opening move to diagonal open chop

Video 2: Second movement through “blade cleaning”

Video 3: Three times jump to kneeling

Video 4: Return to Sun-Facing Broadsword

Video 5: Crossed Sabers Clashing

Video 6: Flurry to parallel stab and fajin

Also available on YouTube is a video of Michael Guidry performing Chen Double Sabers at graduation (he was graduating to fourth degree black sash):


Finally, here a performance of Double Saber recorded at the Legends of Kung Fu tournament (looks like Houston, 2012); I don’t know the performer (but she’s good!).



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