Fan Form II

Grandmaster Li Deyin created two fan forms in the early 2000s. Both are performed to the song called Xi Yang Mei (Beautiful Sunset). The first form, usually simply called Kung Fu Fan, has 52 movements. It is the easier of the two forms and lends itself very well to group performances. It’s hugely popular.

The second form, usually called Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan Form 2, is “a dynamic routine with various moves from Chen, Yang, Wu, and Sun Tai Chi and Chinese kung fu.” From the instructional DVD by Professor Deyin himself:

“This fan routine, created by professor Li, is based on the framework of the first Taiji Kung Fu Fan.  By putting a series of more complicated but graceful taiji movements together with numerous powerful and dynamic movements from other martial arts styles, it provides an excellent opportunity for enthusiasts to achieve better physical fitness, greater flexibility and increase self confidence.”

The form is in six sections, as follows. Moves are named and described by me–these are not official names, just nicknames that I find helpful. Wherever possible, I have used names that are familiar from other forms.

Section 1: slow, with 4 lines of music that are repeated.

  1. Prepare Jin Gang Dao Dui
  2. Jin Gang Dao Dui and stand on right leg (crane) SNAP
  3. Cloud hands L-R-L-R
  4. Chen-style Lou Xi Au Bu
  5. Left Deng Jiao (closed fan)
  6. Step left, stand on right leg SNAP down
  7. Step  left (close fan), stand on right SNAP at waist
  8. Turn around, You Da Hu

Section 2: Fast. Four lines of music are repeated.

  1. Strike left and down on the right
  2. Buddha Stamp and SNAP overhead
  3. Feet apart, fan in front, twirl fan, step R cross behind
  4. Zhuan Shen Gong Bu (fan extended)
  5. Step left, You Fen Jiao (fan closed)
  6. Straightforward push fan (like push knife)
  7. Throw fan to SNAP down
  8. Turn left, Zuo Xu Bu, SNAP to body

Section 3: Faster.

  1. Open arms (close fan), 3/4 turn SNAP horizontal
  2. L-R-L stabbing closed fan
  3. Swing fan in figure 8, Xie Bu SNAP at waist
  4. You Gong Bu, fan behind back, push w/ left
  5. Close fan, step around 180, fan on shoulder, punch left
  6. Ma Bu push
  7. Step and turn R-L-R, Xie Bu (wheel fan)
  8. Unwind, extend, kick back w/L and SNAP

Rest 4 counts:

  • step down, arms extended
  • turn around, arms extended
  • hold closed fan in front
  • wait a beat

Section 4: Repeats section 2.

Section 5: Fast, staccato, then slows to cymbal crash.

  1. Step L-R, point closed fan down
  2. Step L-R SNAP down
  3. Stamp R, close fan SNAP backwards
  4. Punch L-R-L, You Gong Bu
  5. Zhuan Shen (close fan) Zuo Deng Jiao
  6. Jump to Yuo Xu Bu and SNAP down
  7. Turn around and swing the open fan behind
  8. Face from raise closed fan overhead.

Cymbals crash three times:

  • Crash at the end of Section 5
  • Step to Zuo Gong Bu and SNAP under fist on crash
  • Step back (close fan) to left cross behind SNAP high R on crash

Section 6: Slow.

  1. Zuo Ye Ma Fen Zong
  2. You Ye Ma Fen Zong
  3. Open the fan back, hold edges and push
  4. Sink back to Pu Bu
  5. Tui Bu Kua Hu
  6. Zhuan Shen Bai Lian
  7. Dang Tou Pao SNAP to Ti Shou
  8. Bai He Liang Chi

Shou Shi: as in 32-sword, but finish with closed fan held forward in both hands.

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