Chinese for the Sword

In trying to learn the descriptive names for 32-sword, I’ve added some new vocabulary. Of course, jian is sword. A number of the new words describe stances.

Sifu Amin Wu demonstrates 32-sword

Sifu Amin Wu demonstrates 32-sword

  • Gong Bu – Bow stance
  • Ma Bu – Horse stance
  • Xu Bu – Empty stance (aka cat stance)
  • Pu Bu – Half-squat (I think; squat with one leg extended)
  • Xie Bu – Cross stance
  • Bing Bu – Feet together

Then there are words for moving this way and that, which I’ve also encountered in empty-hand forms:

  • Jin Bu – Advance (a step)
  • Tui Bu – Step back
  • Xia Bu – Step down
  • Shang Bu – Step up

More specific to sword play:

  • Ci – Stab
  • Dian – Point
  • Sao – Sweep
  • Dai – Carry
  • Pi – Chop
  • Lun – Wheel or whirl
  • Chou – Withdraw
  • Liao – Lift
  • Lan – Block

Here’s a good dictionary, by the way: MDBG English to Chinese.

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