49-Step Wudang Sword (1)

The standardized version of Wudang sword starts out much like 32-sword. I haven’t found a good list of names for this form yet, so I am borrowing the names from 32-sword, even though the moves may be slightly different. This is just an aid to learning the rough sequence of the form.

49-step Wudang Sword

Another demo: 49-step Wudang Sword

  1. Commencement (slightly different)
  2. Three rings Around the Moon
  3. [Stand on one leg]
  4. Swallow Beats the Water
  5. Block and Sweep left and right.
  6. [Stand on one leg]
  7. Sweep the Dust into the Wind on right
  8. Wheeling the Sword to the right
  9. Slash left, right, left to horse stance, sword pointing right.

In step 3 above, the sword points downward, as in Yecha Explores the Sea, and back. Step 6 resembles the Big Dipper, except the right leg extends in a heel kick. Step 8 is the one that looks back; in Chen sword we call this Rhinoceros Gazes at the Moon (after the similar Nei Kung posture).

These first nine moves comprise about the first minute of the form (which is about three and a half minutes long, give or take).

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