I often pick Long Feng up on my way to the park. When an interpreter isn’t handy, we need to be able to agree on plans.

Do you want me to pick you up tomorrow? 你要我来接你的明天?

Ni yao lai jie ni de mingtian? 


I will pick you up tomorrow.  明天我去接你

Míngtiān wǒ qù jiē nǐ.

We already know how to say next week/xiage libai and next Saturday/xiage libai liu so we can just substitute those for mingtian/tomorrow.

Will you pick me up tomorrow? 你明天来接我?

Nǐ míngtiān lái jiē wǒ?

Sometimes she comes with her husband:

You don’t need to pick me up tomorrow.  你不需要来接我的明天

Nǐ bù xūyào lái jiē wǒ de míngtiān.


And the time options are:

Seven thirty                  7:30            七点半                Qi Dian Ban

Seven forty-five            7:45           差一刻八点       Cha Yi Ke Ba Dian

Eight o’clock                 8:00           八点                    Ba Dian

That’s AM. Chinese time is on a twenty-four hour clock. And just in case:

Don’t come if it’s raining!  不来,如果下雨!

Bù lái, rúguǒ xià yǔ!

Extra credit:

Car                                                    汽车                    Qiche

Park                                                  公园                    Gong Yuan

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