The Chen 38

Grandmaster Cheng Jincai is a student of 18th generation Chen Master Chen Zhaokui. From Cheng Jincai, Master Gohring learned the Chen 38, which is currently one of the main requirements for the second degree black sash in either Tai Chi or Kung Fu at Master Gohring’s martial arts academy.

Cheng Jincai

Grand Master Cheng Jincai – Chen 38

The Chen 38 takes between ten and fifteen minutes to perform; for the test, we should take no less than twelve minutes. The stance should be low, with thighs roughly parallel to the ground, but not everyone is able to achieve this.


Master Gohring demonstrates the Chen 38 in two parts with English names. In background audio (sometimes hard to make out) Cheng Jincai provides Chinese names and breathing.

Master Gohring Chen 38

Chen 38: Part One | Part Two

Two more videos of the whole form:

In addition, Master Gohring has made several instructional videos for the opening section and for certain specific movements later in the form. I’ll list these in a separate post: Chen 38: Additional Instruction.

Names of the movements

The following list of names was provided by Master Gohring, who teaches the Chen 38 at his black sash Academy in Austin (where I have studied since 2010). These are the names used by Grandmaster Cheng Jincai.

The form may begin as usual with Yu Bei Shi (Preparing Form) and/or Qishi (Commencement),but the first movement is the Buddha Stamp..

  1. Jin Gang Dao Dui – Indra Pounds with Tilt Hammer (Buddha Stamp)
  2. Lan Zha Yi – Lazy About Tying the Robe
  3. Liu Feng Si Bi – Six Sealing Four Closing
  4. Dan Bian – Single Whip
  5. Jin Gang Dao Dui – 2nd Buddha Stamp
  6. Bai He Liang Chi – White Crane Spreads Wings
  7. Xie Xing – Oblique Form
  8. Lou Xi Au Bu – Brush Knee Twist Step
  9. Yan Shou Gong Quan – Hidden Hand Punch
  10. Jin Gang Dao Dui – 3rd Buddha Stamp
  11. Pie Shen Quan – Lean with Back (Draping the Fist)
  12. Qing Long Chu Shui – Blue Green Dragon Emerges from the Sea
  13. Shuang Tui Shou – Double Push Hands
  14. Zhou Di Kan Quan – Fist Under Elbow
  15. Dao Juan Gong – Whirling Wind Arms
  16. Bai He Liang Chi – White Crane Spreads Wings
  17. Xie Xing – Oblique Form
  18. Shan Tong Bei – Flash the Back
  19. Yan Shou Gong Quan – Hidden Hand Punch
  20. Liu Feng Si Bi – Six Sealing Four Closing
  21. Dan Bian – Single Whip
  22. Yun Shou – Cloud Hands
  23. Gao Tan Ma – High Pat on Horse
  24. Shi Zi Bai Lian – Cross Form Kick
  25. Zhi Dang Chui – Punch Downward
  26. Yuan Hou Xian Guo – Ape Picks Up the Fruit
  27. Dan Bian – Single Whip
  28. Hu Xin Quan – Shield Heart with Fist (Protect the Heart)
  29. Xie Xing – Oblique Form
  30. Hui Tou Jin Gang Dao Dui – Turning Back and 3rd Buddha Stamp
  31. Lan Zha Yi – Lazy About Tying the Robe
  32. Liu Feng Si Bi – Six Sealing Four Closing
  33. Dan Bian – Single Whip
  34. Shuang Bai Lian – Sweep Leg with Both Hands
  35. Shang Bu Qi Xing – Step Up Seven Stars
  36. Xia Bu Kua Hu – Step Down to Ride the Tiger
  37. Bai Lian Dang Tou Pao – Sweep Leg and Cannon Forward
  38. Jin Gang Dao Dui – 4th Buddha Stamp

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