Kung Fu Fan

Also called 52-step fan,  Fan Form I, or Taiji Gong Fu Shan, this form was created by Master Li Deyin in 2001. Here is a wonderful video of his daughter Faye Li Yip performing (pictured below).

Fan Form


As usual, Michael Garofalo provides a wealth of information on Cloud Hands, including a PDF of the movement names, which for the most part, mean little to me (except for Slant Flying, White Crane and a couple of others) and links to numerous video perfomances.

The form, like the song (Beauty of Sunset, Xi Yang Mei) has six parts. Part one is slow, Part two faster, Part Three faster yet, ending with a little tattoo. Part four is a repeat of part two. Part five is quite fast and staccato, culminating with crash and drumroll. Part six is slow and Yang-y.

Here are my notes from Pommelhouse, using names as Long Feng taught me:

Part 1 of 6:

  • Opening
  • Slant Flying
  • White Crane Spreads Wings
  • Hornet’s Hole (step L,R)
  • Rebels to Sea (pivot on R, step L)
  • White Crane Stands on Left Leg
  • Force Split Chinese Mountain (R, L, R)
  • Civet Rat (snake L, R, L, flip fan)
  • Sit Horse Flower (snake R, horse stance)

Part 2 of 6:

  • Part the Wild Horse’s Mane (feet stay put)
  • Chuyan Volley (White Crane w/feet together, fist)
  • Hornet’s Hole
  • Tiger’s Prey (step back R, forward L, push)
  • Mantis Stalks Cicada (kick stand)
  • Lema Back (step around R,L twirl fan)
  • Turning Tibet Fan (snake)
  • Sit Horse Flower

Part 3 of 6:

  • Ding Push Hill (push fan R)
  • Dragon Back (poke fan L)
  • Whiplash Horse (wind up turn L snap back)
  • Flew Swagger (snap stand R, cat L)
  • Arms Hold On (sink fan front)
  • Windward Liaoyi (stand tall fan points down)
  • Inverted Flower Wuziu (step R, point L, cross L sink)
  • Xiang Yu Yang Fan (fan front)
  • Hold Fan Interlude (starting position)

Part 4 of 6:

    Repeat Part 2!

Part 5 of 6:

  • Strike back with both elbows
  • Horse Shaking Fist (strike w/ two backfists)
  • Hop right cat stance
  • Kick with Right
  • Dragon intersect (R, ball-change L, kick back)
  • Lady Shuttle (stand w/ fan in front)
  • Tiannvsanhua (fan flutters over head)
  • Overlord Palm (close fan sit snap) Line Step Interlude (walk in circle)

Part 6 of 6:

  • Seven Star Hand (kick stand left)
  • Ward off right
  • Pull back and press
  • Su Bei Jian (fan behind back, push)
  • Brush Knee Twist Step
  • Single Whip
  • Bow to Shoot Tiger (snake pose)
  • Bai He Liang Chi
  • Close Form

The creation of the Taiji Kungfu Fan Form was completed in January 2001 in Beijing.  The first public demonstration of this new creation took place on February 18, 2001, by 2008 senior Taiji enthusiasts at Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

 – Faye Li Yip

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